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Saturday, 04. December 2021

FOSDEM22 MariaDB devroom committee (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pWe are pleased to announce the FOSDEM22 MariaDB devroom In February 2022, MariaDB will be hosting its second dedicated devroom at FOSDEM, and the committee have the job of narrowing down the submissions to choose the most interesting final selection for the FOSDEM and MariaDB communities. … /p pContinue reading \"FOSDEM22 MariaDB devroom committee\"/p pThe post FOSDEM22 MariaDB [...]

Friday, 03. December 2021

MySQL 8.0 Document Store – How to deal with date & time (from lefred's blog)

As you know, MySQL 8.0 can be used as JSON Document Store to store your documents without being linked to any schema. You can also use CRUD operations to deal with these documents using the MySQL X DevAPI. Of course in documents, it’s possible to also store temporal attributes like date, time, datetime, … Let’s see how we can deal with such attributes. This is an example of a collection of document [...]

MyDumper Github Repository Is Now an Organization (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦For a long time, MyDumper has been in Max Bubenick’s personal GitHub repository. Now, we decided to move to a new MyDumper’s Organization as requested earlier this year by a user from the community. There were also two other reasons why we decided to move it. The first one is related to how the project […] [...]

Synopsis of Mydbops 11th edition of MyWebinar (from Mydbops Blog)

We are merry & galvanized for bestowing seeds of cognizance to our opensource database community. Thank you to all those who attended in our 11th edition of MyWebinar.  We hope our session was able to elevate & seam your workmanship to perfection. We are committed in giving back to our opensource database community by hosting more … Continue reading Synopsis of Mydbops 11th edition of [...]

Summarizing the different implementations of tiered compaction (from Small Datum)

pThis is my first attempt to summarize tiered compaction as implemented by RocksDB, Cassandra, ScyllaDB and HBase. I have limited experience with tiered compaction (that will change) and limited knowledge of Cassandra, ScyllaDB and HBase (that won't change soon) so I will make mistakes but enjoy the learning process. To keep this brief I ignore the variants optimizations for time-series and I don't [...]

2.25.0 Preview Release (from Percona Community Blog)

2.25.0 Preview Release Percona Monitoring and Management 2.25.0 is now available as a Preview Release. PMM team really appreciates your feedback! We encourage you to try this PMM Preview Release in testing environments only, as these packages and images are not fully production-ready. The final version is expected to be released through the standard channels in the coming week. Release Notes can be [...]

Thursday, 02. December 2021

Q&A on the Webinar “Introduction to MySQL Query Tuning for Dev[Op]s” (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦First, I want to thank everyone who attended my November 9, 2021 webinar “Introduction to MySQL Query Tuning for Dev[Op]s“. Recording and slides are available on our webinars page. Here are answers to the questions from participants which I was not able to provide during the webinar due to a technical issue we experienced at […] [...]

Video tutorial: Installing Galera Manager to Deploy a Galera Cluster in Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 15 minutes (from Galera Blog)

This video tutorial describes how to install Galera Manager in 15 minutes while also deploying a Galera Cluster in Amazon Web Services (AWS), all in an automated fashion!   WATCH THE VIDEO [...]

Galera Manager Support on Github with solutions for Docker and Apache users (from Galera Blog)

As more people test, utilise and deploy Galera Manager, there is always room for support requests, and we see that at the Galera Manager Support Repository on Github. We encourage you to file requests, as they help with our roadmap as well! We have had a feature request to run within a Docker container, and […] [...]

Wednesday, 01. December 2021

Sysbench: PostgreSQL 12, 13 and 14 on a small server (from Small Datum)

pThis has results for sysbench with PostgreSQL versions 12.4, 13.4 and 14.0 using the same setup as previously used for the insert benchmark.brbrExecutive summary:br/pulliPostgres continues to be boring. There are a few regressions and more improvements./liliThere were ~40 tests and each ran for 5 minutes. Running each test for such a short time means there is more chance for confusing results. Ala [...]

Sysbench: MySQL 5.6, 5.7 & 8.0 on a small server (from Small Datum)

pThis has results for sysbench with MySQL versions 5.6.49, 5.7.35 and 8.0.2x using the same setup as previously used for the insert benchmark. The versions for 8.0.2x are 8.0.20, 8.0.22, 8.0.23, 8.0.26 and 8.0.27./ppExecutive summary:br/pulliFor CPU-bound setups, MySQL 8.0.27 is slower than 5.6.49 on 39 of the 42 microbenchmarks. For the microbenchmarks when it was slower, on average it g [...]

Deploy your Dusty Domains for good with Netlify (from PlanetScale Blog)

Deploy your forgotten domains in the month of December for a good cause with Netlify and friends.pRead the full story/p [...]

MySQL 8.0 – InnoDB Parallel Threads for Online DDL Operations (from lefred's blog)

MySQL 8.0.27 introduced a new variable to control the maximum of parallel threads InnoDB can use for creating (sorting and building) secondary indexes: innodb_ddl_threads. This new variable is coupled with another new variable: innodb_ddl_buffer_size. If you have fast storage and multiple CPU cores, tuning these variables can speed up secondary index creation. For this example, I used the airportdb [...]

PXC Scheduler Handler: The Missing Piece for Galera/Percona XtraDB Cluster Puzzle (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Working on a real case scenario in a five node Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC), we were forced to use wsrep_sync_wait = 1, because the app does reads-after-write and we send reads to all the nodes. We had the idea to leave some nodes in DESYNC mode to reduce the flow control messages during peak load […] [...]

Follow-up on an Unprivileged User can Crash your MySQL Server (from J-F Gagné's MySQL Blog)

A year ago, I blogged about An Unprivileged User can Crash your MySQL Server.  At the time, I presented how to protect yourself against this problem without explaining how to generate a crash.  In this post, I am revisiting this vulnerability, not giving the exploit yet, but presenting the fix.  Also, because the default configuration of Group Replication in 5.7 is still vulnerable (it is not in [...]

CfP for the MariaDB devroom FOSDEM 2022 now open (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pMariaDB is happy to again be hosting a devroom at FOSDEM 2022. This year’s event will be the second virtual FOSDEM, and the MariaDB devroom will take place on Saturday 5 February 2022. … /p pContinue reading \"CfP for the MariaDB devroom FOSDEM 2022 now open\"/p pThe post CfP for the MariaDB devroom FOSDEM 2022 now open appeared first on [...]

MySQL DropIndexIfExists (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

In reply to a question about how to conditionally drop an index on a table in MySQL. It appears the syntax doesn’t exist. However, maybe it does and I missed it. If I did miss it, I’m sure somebody will let me know. However, I simply have a dropIndexIfExists stored procedure for this type of […] [...]

MySQL 8+ Catalog (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

I was working through some tutorials for my students and noticed that there was a change in how a WHERE clause must be written against the information_schema.table_constraints table. It might have been made in an earlier release, I actually hadn’t checked it since 2014 when I wrote this early post on capturing MySQL Foreign Keys. […] [...]

Tuesday, 30. November 2021

Insert benchmark: MySQL 5.6, 5.7 & 8.0 on a small server (from Small Datum)

pI have another performance report for the insert benchmark using MySQL 5.6, 5.7 and 8.0 on a small server. As normal, I had to repeat the tests a few times: I make mistakes and also want results for new my.cnf settings. The goal for the tests is to understand how low-concurrency performance changes in new MySQL releases. Low-concurrency tests are great for finding CPU regressions. High-concurrency [...]

Insert benchmark: PostgreSQL 12, 13 and 14 on a small server (from Small Datum)

pI have another performance report for the insert benchmark using PostgreSQL 12.4, 13.4 and 14.0 on a small server. As normal, I had to repeat the tests a few times: I make mistakes and sometimes need results for new tuning options. The goal for the tests is to understand how low-concurrency performance changes in new PostgreSQL releases. Low-concurrency tests are great for finding CPU regress [...]

Fun With Functional Indexes (from PHP With MySQL)

p    Functional indexes are way to build indexes on values derived from rather than values in columns, or parts there of.  Pretend your very price sensitive customers want to buy products where the combined price of the product and the shipping on that product are below a certain amount./pp/ppCREATE index cost_and_shipping ON products((cost + shipping));/pp    Please n [...]

Believe in the Multiplicative Power of Openness (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

Max Liu, PingCAP CEO, talks about the power of open source. Learn how the open source community helps PingCAP grow and how PingCAP gives back to the community. [...]

Monday, 29. November 2021

Easier Log Analysis with tungsten_merge_logs (from Continuent Blog)

pThe tungsten_merge_logs command is designed to aid troubleshooting by consolidating the various log files into one place (merged.log), ordered by time. There are many moving parts to a cluster and they are spread over multiple nodes (usually three). When there is an issue, the logs are the key resource to find out what is going on. The best practice is to gather the log files into one place and th [...]

Server MiniFest Wed 8 Dec 2021: From the Frontlines (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pJoin our next Server MiniFest, to get the latest news from the MariaDB Server frontlines – in a fresh format inspired by Not the Nine O’Clock News. … /p pContinue reading \"Server MiniFest Wed 8 Dec 2021: From the Frontlines\"/p pThe post Server MiniFest Wed 8 Dec 2021: From the Frontlines appeared first on [...]

MariaDB Connection ID (from Shinguz's Blog)

pThe MariaDB Connection ID exists since long ago. So why bother about the Connection ID? Because it is interesting and you can do some interesting things with the Connection ID like tracking statements in your connections and find where they come from your application code./p pThe MariaDB Connection ID is a strictly monotonic increasing number starting with 1 at server restart:/p pre shell> m [...]

MyDumper 0.11.3 is Now Available (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦The new MyDumper 0.11.3 version, which includes many new features and bug fixes, is now available.  You can download the code from here. We are very proud to announce that we were able to achieve the two main objectives for the milestone ZSTD and Stream support!  We added four packages with ZSTD support because not […] [...] issue #3 – 5 MySQL String Functions You Should Know (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pIssue #3 of, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers, is now available. This is the deep-dive/featured piece edition, 5 MySQL String Functions You Should Know, and you don’t want to miss it… Deep Dive – Feature Edition On a monthly basis, in addition to the weekly curated content, features a deep-dive or feature piece […]/p pThe post OpenLamp.tec [...]

FOSDEM 2022 – MySQL DevRoom Call for Papers (from FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom)

We received today the notification for FOSDEM’s organization that the MySQL DevRoom is accepted for the 2022’s edition ! The MySQL DevRoom will take place on February 6th, 2022. It’s a Sunday. Like previous edition, FOSDEM will be an online event. Due to the very short deadlines, this year an external committee cannot be created […] [...]

Sunday, 28. November 2021

How to delete duplicate rows in MariaDB (from Vettabase)

pHow to remote duplicate values from a table to add a UNIQUE index, in MariaDB. Continue reading How to delete duplicate rows in MariaDB→/p pThe post How to delete duplicate rows in MariaDB appeared first on Vettabase./p [...]

Saturday, 27. November 2021

MariaDB and MySQL DROP / TRUNCATE Lock / Stall Bug, Mitigations and Workarounds (from Shattered Silicon Open Source Database Blog)

pWhen you DROP or TRUNCATE a table or partition in MySQL and you have a large buffer pool, you may noticed a complete server lock-up or stall of multiple seconds. Mitigation and Workarounds./p pThe post MariaDB and MySQL DROP / TRUNCATE Lock / Stall Bug, Mitigations and Workarounds appeared first on Shattered Silicon./p [...]

Friday, 26. November 2021

Percona Monthly Bug Report: November 2021 (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Here at Percona, we operate on the premise that full transparency makes a product better. We strive to build the best open-source database products, but also to help you manage any issues that arise in any of the databases that we support. And, in true open source form, report back on any issues or bugs […] [...]

Mydbops MyWebinar 11th edition – Speaker Announcement (from Mydbops Blog)

Mydbops propounds free webinars & meetups about MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, the major three opensource databases.  What greater thing can we give to our community than to diversify their skill sets and improve their craftsmanship by providing free Webinars with niche topics, illustrations, Q&A, and, most importantly, more fun as we work together to sharpen our … Continue [...]

Wednesday, 24. November 2021

MySQL: Moving Average (from Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp)

pMySQL window functions can be used to calculate daily averages or moving averages for a 24h time window relatively easily. In an earlier article basic window functions were already discussed. In this article, we want to see how we can get daily buckets and moving averages./p pA sample program is available, as usual, on GitHub ./p Getting sample data pWe will be working with a data [...]

How to Send an Email for Every File Uploaded to an AWS S3 Bucket (from Continuent Blog)

pIn this blog post we will explore the procedure for getting an email notification every time a file is uploaded to an AWS S3 bucket. Instead of having to poll the AWS S3 bucket manually for new uploads, we wanted a way to be notified by email every time a file landed. The solution was a combination of an SNS Topic used by an SNS Subscription, and called by an S3 bucket Event notification./p Tags:& [...]

Querying Archived RDS Data Directly From an S3 Bucket (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦A recommendation we often give to our customers is along the lines of “archive old data” to reduce your database size. There is a tradeoff between keeping all our data online and archiving part of it to cold storage. There could also be legal requirements to keep certain data online, or you might want to […] [...]

Galera Manager updated with usability improvements for self-hosted and monitored clusters (from Galera Blog)

Codership is pleased to announce a new release of Galera Manager. This brings the installer to version 1.5 and the actual Galera Manager GUI to 1.4.0. Users will notice some usability improvements like the cluster name being added to the authorized_keys generated file, while there are benefits around gmd generating a new key for the […] [...]

Use MySQL to generate MySQL for Admin tasks (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pI recently learned how to use MySQL to generate MySQL statements for several admin-type Data Definition Language (DDL) SQL queries I needed to execute on the server. For many DBA’s this is likely nothing new and in fact, is a well-used tool in their kit. However, I mostly focus on developer-related tasks, so it is […]/p pThe post Use MySQL to generate MySQL for Admin tasks appeared fir [...]

How to Connect TiDB Cloud to Metabase (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

This post describes how to connect TiDB Cloud to Metabase, an open source business intelligence tool. [...]

Monday, 22. November 2021

Temporary Tables in MySQL – Never Ending Story? (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦If you ever had to deal with performance and/or disk space issues related to temporary tables, I bet you eventually found yourself puzzled. There are many possible scenarios depending on the type of temporary table, settings, and MySQL version used. We have observed a pretty long evolution in that matter due to a couple of […] [...]

An Unprivileged User can crash your MySQL Server (from J-F Gagné's MySQL Blog)

Yes, your read the title correctly: an unprivileged user can crash your MySQL Server.  This applies for the default configuration of MySQL 8.0.21 (and it is probably the case for all MySQL 8 GA versions).  Depending on your configuration, it might also be the case for MySQL 5.7.  This needs malicious intent and a lot of determination, so no need to panic as this will not happen by accident.  I am [...] Issue #2 (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pHey friends over the weekend (Friday actually) I’ve published another issue of my weekly newsletter, Continue reading for more information… This issue is full of great curated reads as well as a specific question I’ve asked readers and the community. Looking for some suggestions on planned migrations for upgrades to my WordPress site. In […]/p pThe post OpenL [...]

Sunday, 21. November 2021

Welll actually, LSM and B-tree (from Small Datum)

p Things I read about LSM that make me go well actually:/pp/pulliLSM does sequential writes - well actually, writes are sequential logically (per-file) but not physically (per-device). From the physical perspective compaction writes are large & concurrent rather than sequential. Compaction writes to files sequentially but it is usually concurrent (multi-threaded) with a file written sequen [...]

Friday, 19. November 2021

Arctype integrates MySQL GUI with PlanetScale (from PlanetScale Blog)

The power of PlanetScale within a beautiful GUI — now you can connect to development branches, switch between them, and even create deploy requests in Arctype.pRead the full story/p [...]

Setting up multi-source replication (MySQL 8.0) with GTID based replication (from Ted's MySQL Blog)

Last week I posted a blog on how to setup multi-source for MySQL 5.7 using GTID based replication, in this blog we will do the same using MySQL 8.0.brbrMost of the procedure are the same, there are only two things that we need to change are;br1) Procedure for creating the replication user.br2) Fetching the GTID value from the MySQL dumpfile.brbr1) Create replication user for MySQL 8brMySQL 8 uses a [...]

Thursday, 18. November 2021

Scaling databases in a serverless world (from PlanetScale Blog)

In a serverless world, traditional databases scale differently. They need a rock solid foundation that Vitess and PlanetScale can provide.pRead the full story/p [...]

MariaDB ODBC Connector 3.1.15 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.1.15 GA release. Download Now Release Notes MariaDB … Continued [...]

Open a URL in the default browser in Java (from Geeky Hacker - Coding, Tech & Linux)

pWhen developing a Java desktop or command-line application, you may need to prompt the operating system to open a URL. For instance, to login or approve authentication (OAuth). One approach [...]/p pThe post Open a URL in the default browser in Java appeared first on Geeky Hacker./p [...]

Introducing Prisma’s Data Platform PlanetScale integration (from PlanetScale Blog)

Create a PlanetScale database on the Prisma Data Platform; immediately store and query data from the browserpRead the full story/p [...]

Faster Load data outfile in MySQL (from Mydbops Blog)

While exporting the table with MySQL native utility, we don’t have any control on the process, and also there will be no progress update as well on the process completion. So when exporting the larger table will consume high resource utilization and also the disk space usage will also be high. MySQL shell utility will … Continue reading Faster Load data outfile in MySQL → [...]

Troubleshooting an unique key addition during pt-online-schema-change (from Mydbops Blog)

We all tried various alternative methods for modifying the table structure, but pt-online-schema-change (pt-osc) is the most convenient and preferred method for performing the alter online. It has more granular control too. But it may lead to data loss if proper precautionary steps are not taken care of. In this blog, we are going to … Continue reading Troubleshooting an unique key addition d [...]

Wednesday, 17. November 2021

Bring your data to PlanetScale (from PlanetScale Blog)

PlanetScale now supports zero downtime data migrations from your existing MySQL DatabasepRead the full story/p [...]

How Triggers May Significantly Affect the Amount of Memory Allocated to Your MySQL Server (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦MySQL stores active table descriptors in a special memory buffer called the table open cache. This buffer is controlled by configuration variables table_open_cache that hold the maximum number of table descriptors that MySQL should store in the cache, and table_open_cache_instances that stores the number of the table cache instances. With default values of table_open_cache=4000 and […] [...]

Free Medium Series – CodeIgniter 4 CRUD with MySQL (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pGenerally, most all web applications are going to follow the elements of CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete. CodeIgniter 4 is a powerful PHP web development framework that provides a rapid development environment. The CodeIgniter 4 Models come enriched with built-in CRUD functionality, which is covered in this compilation of Medium posts… Disclaimer: I originally […]/p pThe post Fr [...]

Tuesday, 16. November 2021

PostgreSQL automatic failover with pg_auto_failover (from Mydbops Blog)

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source relational database with a strong reputation for reliability, robustness, and performance. It supports replication to achieve high availability for a very long. But it lacks an important feature on its own, that is the concept of automated failover. Of course, there are a lot of open-source tools available to do … Continue reading PostgreSQL automatic fai [...]

Galera Cluster for MySQL 8.0.26 and 5.7.35 released (from Galera Blog)

Codership is pleased to announce a new Generally Available (GA) release of the multi-master Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.7 and 8.0, consisting of MySQL-wsrep 5.7.35 (release notes, download) and MySQL-wsrep 8.0.26 (release notes, download) with Galera replication library 3.35 (release notes, download) implementing wsrep API version 25 and Galera replication library 4.10 (release notes, download) […] [...]

KubeCon 2021 Q&A: PingCAP Recaps the Event and Explores Its HTAP Database (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

VMblog followed up with Liming Deng, PingCAP's database engineer, on his recent presentation on KubeCon 2021. [...]

Monday, 15. November 2021

Building a Next.js app with Netlify, NextAuth.js, Prisma, and a PlanetScale serverless database (from PlanetScale Blog)

A new dynamic Next.js starter app with authentication and PlanetScale built-in, ready to be deployed to NetlifypRead the full story/p [...]

FOSDEM filming party (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pDear FOSDEM fans! No f2f or even hybrid FOSDEM 2022 – we hear that with a combination of resigned sadness and understanding for those responsible of having 8000 people gather in one space. … /p pContinue reading \"FOSDEM filming party\"/p pThe post FOSDEM filming party appeared first on [...]

PlanetScale launch week (from PlanetScale Blog)

Join our contest and stay tuned for exciting announcements and livestreams all this weekpRead the full story/p [...] Issue #1 (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pOver the weekend, I’ve published the 1st issue of my new weekly free newsletter, I’m so excited about this newsletter. Read on to learn more… What is the newsletter is a free newsletter unlike any other that I’m aware of. If it existed, I would be reading it. Instead, I created it. […]/p pThe post Issue #1 appea [...]

FOSDEM 2022 (from FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom)

Hi all, just some words to let you know that FOSDEM’22 will take place February 5th and 6th. Like last year, this 2022 edition will be an online edition. As MySQL, we have submitted our candidature for a devroom/track. We are waiting for the approval list. As soon as we know FOSDEM’s decision, the eventual […] [...]

Synopsis of Mydbops 11th edition of opensource database meetup (from Mydbops Blog)

We’re ecstatic and energised at the prospect of sowing the seeds of knowledge in our opensource database community. Thank you to everyone who came out to our 11th opensource database meetup. Our meetup series began in 2018, and the 11th edition took nearly three years to complete. However, we prioritised quality above quantity when distilling. As … Continue reading Synopsis of Mydbops 11th ed [...]

ClusterControl now supports SQL Server 2019 (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pWe are pleased to announce the latest release of ClusterControl, version 1.9.1. This version of ClusterControl comes with support for SQL Server 2019 and MongoDB versions 4.4 and 5.0,  as well as more functionality improvements for our next generation web application project, ClusterControl v2. Let’s go!/p Introducing Support for SQL Server 2019 pOne of our most customer-requested database syste [...]

MySQL WITH Clause (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

When I went over my example of using the WITH clause to solve how to use a series of literal values in data sets, some students got it right away and some didn’t. The original post showed how to solve a problem where one value in the data set is returned in the SELECT-list and […] [...]

Saturday, 13. November 2021

DeWitt Clause vs the public cloud (from Small Datum)

pThe DeWitt Clause is the name of a clause in the terms of service that prevents a customer from disclosing performance of a licensed product. Things turned out OK for David DeWitt and he even went on to work for at least one company that now uses a DeWitt Clause for their database products.brbrI am not a lawyer but I have a strong opinion on the DeWitt Clause and non-compete agreements. I think bo [...]

Friday, 12. November 2021

Skeema v1.6.0 released (from Skeema Blog)

pSkeema v1.6.0 is now available! This release adds new SSL / TLS options; premium improvements for routines, views, and triggers such as definer stripping; and new builds for M1 Macs and packages for Alpine Linux./p [...]

Duplicate Entry in ALTER TABLE (and in OPTIMIZE TABLE) (from J-F Gagné's MySQL Blog)

A few weeks ago and in MySQL 5.7, I had an ALTER TABLE that failed with a duplicate entry error.  This is old news as it is happening since MySQL 5.6, but I only saw this recently because I am normally using online schema change from the Percona Toolkit (pt-osc) or GitHub's online schema migration (gh-ost).  I do not like that and I am disappointed this has not been improved, so this post is [...]

11th Opensource Database Meetup – Speaker Announcement (from Mydbops Blog)

Mydbops propounds free webinars & meetups about MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, the major three opensource databases.  What greater thing can we give to our community than to diversify their skill sets and improve their craftsmanship by providing free Webinars with niche topics, illustrations, Q&A, and, most importantly, more fun as we work together to sharpen … Continue reading [...]

How to Troubleshoot RocksDB Write Stalls in TiKV (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

This troubleshooting guide discusses write performance degradation in TiKV related to the RocksDB built-in write stall feature. [...]

Thursday, 11. November 2021

Don't Forget to Check Your Accounts (from PHP With MySQL)

p    The start of fall in the northern hemisphere is a time for many of use to prepare for the approaching winter. Part of that is clearing away and storing summer things and pulling out of storage the winter things. And one of those things I suggest to you do is look at the accounts on your MySQL instances./pp    It is very easy, especially with multiple folks creating and [...]

2.24.0 Preview Release (from Percona Community Blog)

2.24.0 Preview Release Percona Monitoring and Management 2.24.0 is now available as a Preview Release. PMM team really appreciates your feedback! We encourage you to try this PMM Preview Release in testing environments only, as these packages and images are not fully production-ready. The final version is expected to be released through the standard channels in the coming week. Release Notes can be [...]

Wednesday, 10. November 2021

MariaDB 10.6.5, 10.5.13, and others now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.6.5, 10.5.13, 10.4.22, 10.3.32, and 10.2.41. See the release … Continued [...]

MariaDB Connector C 3.2.5 and 3.1.15 releases now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Connector/C 3.2.5 and 3.1.15. Download Now Release Notes and Changelog … Continued [...]

Galera Cluster Deep Dive Security Training in December (from Galera Blog)

DEEP DIVE: SECURING YOUR GALERA CLUSTERS The Securing Your Galera Clusters Deep Dive training course teaches you everything you need to know about ensuring your data in a Galera Cluster is secure at rest and in motion. You will participate in interactive hands-on labs and there will be expert instructor demonstrations throughout the entire course. […] [...]

MySQL 8.0.27: thank you for the contributions (from lefred's blog)

In October 10th was released the latest GA version of MySQL: 8.0.27. As usual, it’s highly advised to read the release notes to get informed about the changes and bug fixed. MySQL is Open Source and each release contains contributions from our great Community. Let me thanks all the contributors on behalf of the entire MySQL Team: Thank you ! MySQL 8.0.27 includes contributions from Adam Cable, Luka [...]

CSV – SQL Import/Export Compilation (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pCSV or SQL? SQL or CSV? How about together? Without a doubt, CSV’s are one of the most common and familiar data interchange formats. Importing and exporting CSV data into or out of an SQL database is a staple process in most every data workflow. I’ve written numerous blog posts on both importing and exporting […]/p pThe post CSV – SQL Import/Export Compilation appeared firs [...]

Tuesday, 09. November 2021

What if … MySQL’s Repeatable Reads Cause You to Lose Money? (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Well, let me say if that happens it’s because there is a logic mistake in your application. But you need to know and understand what happens in MySQL to be able to avoid the problem.  In short, the WHY of this article is to inform you about possible pitfalls and how to prevent them from […] [...]

What if … MySQL’s repeatable reads cause you to lose money? (from TusaCentral - MySQL Blogs)

pWell, let me say if that happens because there is a logic mistake in your application. But you need to know and understand what happens in MySQL to be able to avoid the problem. /p pIn short the WHY of this article is to inform you about possible pitfalls and how to prevent that to cause you damage. ♦/p pLet us start by having a short introduction to what Repeatable reads are about. Give [...]

Stacks - Networks, LAMP, and Database Clustering (from Continuent Blog)

pThis blog takes a look at three stacks: networking, LAMP, and the modern MySQL database clustering stack. The networking stack is a foundational element of geo-distributed MySQL database services. LAMP is a common software solution stack used by web and other client-server applications. The modern database clustering stack enables multi-site, multi-region and globally distributed MySQL database sy [...]

TiDB Cloud Introduces Developer Tier (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

We are excited to announce the Developer Tier of TiDB Cloud, the fully-managed TiDB service by PingCAP. [...]

PingCAP Introduces Its New Developer Tier to Boost Application Innovation with TiDB Cloud (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

PingCAP, the leading distributed SQL provider, announced today the availability of its new Developer Tier for TiDB Cloud. The fully-managed database as a service now allows developers to easily launch a small TiDB cluster for free for up to one year.. [...]

Monday, 08. November 2021

MariaDB 10.7.1 RC, and MariaDB 10.6.5, 10.5.13, 10.4.22, 10.3.32 and 10.2.41 now available (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.7.1, the first release candidate in the MariaDB 10.7 series, as well as MariaDB 10.6.5, MariaDB 10.5.13, MariaDB 10.4.22, MariaDB 10.3.32 and MariaDB 10.2.41, the latest stable releases in their respective series. … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB 10.7.1 RC, and MariaDB 10.6.5, 10.5.13, 10.4.22, 10.3.32 and 10.2.41 n [...]

Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.7.1 RC (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

We are pleased to announce MariaDB Community Server 10.7 Release Candidate (RC). MariaDB Community Server 10.7 is the next major … Continued [...]

MySQL: Parallel Replication (from Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp)

pAt work, replication is a central feature in our MySQL Standard Architecture./p pBut until MySQL 5.6, replication was strictly sequential: Even if transactions happened in parallel on a primary, they would be downloaded to the replica by the IO_THREAD into the relay log. From there, a single SQL_THREAD would apply them, one after the other in strict binlog order. That can lead to Replication Del [...]

The Errant GTID (from Percona Community Blog)

Part 1 What is a GTID? Oracle/MySQL define a GTID as "A global transaction identifier (GTID) is a unique identifier created and associated with each transaction committed on the server of origin (the source). This identifier is unique not only to the server on which it originated, but is unique across all servers in a given replication topology." An errant transaction can make promotion of a replic [...]

Friday, 05. November 2021

How To Simulate a MySQL Cluster Site Failure with Tungsten (from Continuent Blog)

p“How can I simulate a failure of the Active half of an Active/Passive Cluster to test the Failover to the Passive half?”/p pIn this blog post we explore the best practices for simulating a failure of the Active cluster in an Active/Passive Composite Cluster./p Tags: MySQLMariaDBtestingsite-level failure [...]

Wednesday, 03. November 2021

MySQL with CTEs (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

As an example for my class on the usefulness of Common Table Expressions (CTEs), I created three examples with Python. They extend an exercise in Chapter 9 on subqueries from Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu. All of the examples work with the sakila sample database. These bullets describe the examples: Uses local variables and a […] [...]

Introducing PlanetScale Managed Cloud (from PlanetScale Blog)

Deploy our database platform in your AWS accountpRead the full story/p [...]

Maintenance of MySQL Binary logs (from Mydbops Blog)

In this blog, we are going to discuss the Maintenance of binary logs. Before going into our topic, let’s recall the basics of binary logs. Binary logs           Binary logs contain all the changes and records that take place in any database. It will log the statements like CREATE, ALTER, DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE. It will … Continue reading Ma [...]

Tuesday, 02. November 2021

The Past, Present, and Future of TiDB as an HTAP Database (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

As an HTAP database, TiDB has evolved through three distinct stages. It currently serves countless applications for hybrid workloads, stream computing, and data hubs. In the future, TiDB will become a cloud-native, multi-model database. [...]

Why write a new planner (from Vitess)

Query planning is hard # Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you execute a SQL query? What steps are taken to access your data? In this article, I’ll talk about the history of Vitess’s V3 query planner, why we created a new query planner, and the development of the new Gen4 query planner. Vitess is a horizontally scalable database solution which means that a singl [...]

Monday, 01. November 2021

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Using MariaDB’s File Key Management Encryption Plugin (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

How to protect your database with TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) using MariaDB's file key management encryption plugin. [...]

Webinar recording available: Galera Manager is now GA with ability to launch clusters on premise and in the AWS cloud (from Galera Blog)

This is a new era in deploying, managing and monitoring your Galera Cluster for MySQL, with the recently released Galera Manager, now Generally Available (GA). Galera Manager is a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) tool that allows you to fully manage clusters in Amazon Web Services, you can also deploy clusters on user provided hosts […] [...]

Friday, 29. October 2021

MariaDB ODBC Connector 3.1.14 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.1.14 GA release. Download Now Release Notes MariaDB … Continued [...]

How To Deploy Peering Between AWS Regions (from Continuent Blog)

pA VPC peering connection is a networking connection between two VPCs that enables you to route traffic between them using private IP addresses. Instances in either VPC can communicate with each other as if they are within the same network. This blog provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up VPC networking between regions (also known as inter-region VPC peering connections)./p Tags:  [...]

Thursday, 28. October 2021

New PlanetScale Pricing: Scaler Plan Upgrades and Our New Enterprise Plan (from PlanetScale Blog)

We've updated our database plans to better meet your needspRead the full story/p [...]

MySQL: Python and WHERE ... IN () (from Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp)

blockquote pAs a developer using Python, I want to be able to hand a codelist/code to an SQL statement with a codeWHERE id IN (…)/code clause, and it should do the right thing./p /blockquote pWell, that is not how it started, because it was asked on the internal no-work-channel, so it kind of escalated more./p A question pThe original question was:/p blockquote pDev> Why is it 2021 [...]

TiDB Operator Source Code Reading (IV): Implementing a Component Control Loop (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

This post explains how TiDB Operator implements a component control loop by taking PD as an example. You'll learn PD and other component's lifecycle management. [...]

Wednesday, 27. October 2021

Histograms and Faster MySQL Queries (from PHP With MySQL)

p     Histograms were introduced with MySQL 8.0 and are a valuable way of speeding up queries.  The MySQL optimizer assumes that data in a column has evenly distributed values. Even distribution of data probably does not reflect much of the data sitting right now in your database.  /pp    The optimizer wants to find the most efficient way to return [...]

How the VMworld 2021 Multi-Cloud Conference Built Its Global, Virtual Event on MySQL? (from Continuent Blog)

pAs we are all being pushed to the limit to meet unprecedented demands online, the pandemic shined a light on many new frontiers and achievements in technology. This blog is about continuous MySQL database operations when you have a global user base, particularly the VMworld 2021 Global Multi-Cloud conference./p Tags: MySQLMariaDBHAbusiness-criticalmission-criticalcontinuous operationsmulti-re [...]