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Sunday, 25. July 2021

Updates to Code for MySQL Concurrency – v1.1 and v1.2 (from Jesper'S MySQL Blog)

pWhen I wrote the book MySQL Concurrency I included a Python module for MySQL Shell that would help reproducing the examples in the book. Since things change, it has been necessary to update the code. In this blog I will …/p p Updates to Code for MySQL Concurrency – v1.1 and v1.2 Read More »/p pThe post Updates to Code for MySQL Concurrency – v1.1 and v1.2 appeared first on [...]

Wednesday, 21. July 2021

Complete, Fully-tested and Proven - One Can Only Hope! (from Continuent Blog)

pWelcome to the wonderful world of open source! You really are on your own, even if you think you acquire a solution that works. But many of the companies offering solutions based on open source components wrapped with expensive consulting engagements really can’t help you as they are not the original developers of some of the important core components, thus they do not have the necessary skills to [...]

ClusterControl - Advanced Backup Management - mariabackup Part II (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pIn the previous part we have tested backup time and effectiveness of the compression for different backup compression levels and methods. In this blog we will continue our efforts and we will talk about more settings that, probably, most of the users do not really change yet they may have a visible effect on the backup process./p pThe setup is the same as in the previous part: we will use MariaDB [...]

TiDB Operator Source Code Reading (III): The Component Control Loop (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

Learn about TiDB Operator's component control loop and how it manages TiDB's component lifecycle. [...]

Tuesday, 20. July 2021

Pandas and The MySQL Shell (from PHP With MySQL)

p    Pandas is a Python software library for data analysis and manipulation.  It allows you to import data from CSV files, SQL, and Excel.  And it is open source./pp    Pandas works well with the MySQL Shell.  After installing Pandas with pip install pandas on my Fedora test system, I was able to load Pandas.  The documentation is excellent at  [...]

PlanetScale on Vitess (from PlanetScale Blog)

At PlanetScale, our vision is to build a database developers love that can scale indefinitely. To do this, we knew we needed a database with a history of powering companies that deal with humongous amounts of data and traffic. That’s why we chose Vitess.pRead the full story/p [...]

All the Resources You Need For High Performance MySQL, MariaDB & Percona Server Replication (from Continuent Blog)

pTungsten Replicator is the most advanced heterogeneous real-time data replication solution for MySQL, MariaDB & Percona Server, including Amazon RDS MySQL and Amazon Aurora. It provides high-performance and improved replication functionality over the native MySQL replication solution and into a range of target databases./p Tags: tungsten replicatoramazon aws ami [...]

MySQL 8.0.26 And Interesting Items in the Release Notes (from PHP With MySQL)

pYou may have noticed that MySQL 8.0.26 was released today (yea!)  and I recommend reading the release notes but here are some of the highlights./pp/pulliTLS version 1 and 1.1 are deprecated. Please use later versions such as 1.2 and 1.3 (you made need OpenSSL 1.1.1 or higher too)./liliMore information in the server log on client timeouts includes the timeout value, and client user a [...]

MariaDB Connector R2DBC 1.0.2 GA and 1.1.0 Beta now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Connector/R2DBC 1.0.2 GA and 1.1.0 BETA. Download Now Release Notes … Continued [...]

ClusterControl runtime configuration options (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pWhen you install ClusterControl, it has a default configuration that maybe doesn’t fit your requirements so probably you will need to customize this installation. For this, you can modify the configuration files, but you can also check or modify the runtime ClusterControl settings. In this blog, we will show you where you can see this configuration and what are the available options to use here./p [...]

Reducing my OSS involvement, and how it affects orchestrator & gh-ost (from Shlomi Noach Blog)

I’m going to bring down my work volume around OSS to a minimum, specifically when it comes to orchestrator and gh-ost. This is to explain the whats and hows so that users are as informed as possible. TL;DR a period of time I will not respond to issues, will not review pull requests, will not […] [...]

Monday, 19. July 2021

Cloud Scale is Beyond Sharding (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

Sharding is essential for cloud scale applications, but modern data infrastructure must also scale up, scale back and guarantee consistency without downtime. [...]

ClusterControl - Advanced Backup Management - mariabackup Part I (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pClusterControl can, among others, act as a great tool to help you design and execute the backup schedule. Numerous features are available including backup verification, transparent backup encryption and many others. What is quite commonly missing is the ability of ClusterControl to tune backup tools that we use to create the backup. In this blog we would like to go over some of the settings that c [...]

MySQL: Character Sets, Unicode, and UCA compliant collations (from lefred's blog)

Recently, a benchmark comparing MariaDB and MySQL performance of ORDER BY over text columns didn’t really compare the same things. It was like comparing apples and oranges. The results are interesting of course, but I would like to point that MySQL is focusing on Unicode Collation Algorithm compliant collations. That’s the reason why we didn’t even try to optimize non compliant collations like utf8 [...]

Synopsis of Mydbops 10th edition of opensource database meetup (from Mydbops Blog)

We’re ecstatic and energised at the prospect of sowing the seeds of knowledge in our opensource database community. Thank you to everyone who came out to our 10th opensource database meetup. Our meetup series began in 2018, and the 10th edition took nearly three years to complete. However, we prioritised quality above quantity when distilling. … Continue reading Synopsis of Mydbops 10th [...]

Sam Lambert Appointed New CEO of PlanetScale (from PlanetScale Blog)

Announcing a new CEO for PlanetScalepRead the full story/p [...]

Friday, 16. July 2021

MariaDB Server Fest 21-22 Sep 2021 (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pMark your calendars! Register for the MariaDB Server Fest 2021 in September. This year’s edition of our online conference has now got a time (Tue-Wed 21-22 Sep 2021) and a place (the web, like last year). … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB Server Fest 21-22 Sep 2021\"/p pThe post MariaDB Server Fest 21-22 Sep 2021 appeared first on [...]

Easily Deploy Highly Available MySQL Clusters in the AWS Cloud - Tungsten Cluster AMI (from Continuent Blog)

pFollowing the announcement late last year that we’d made our flagship product Tungsten Cluster available on the Amazon Marketplace in an easy-to-access and deploy AMI format, we published some useful resources in the past few months to help users getting started with Tungsten Clustering in the AWS cloud./p Tags: amazon awstungsten cluster amiCloudcloudformation [...]

Disaster Recovery with Galera Cluster 2021 Edition webinar wrap-up (from Galera Blog)

We might have had one of our largest, most well attended webinars in recent times, for both EMEA and North American timezones, and we thank you for attending. We had many good questions, and we realise that this is a popular topic, so expect to get more blog posts around this. It also helps us […] [...]

Thursday, 15. July 2021

Simplifying Database Management in a Highly Automated and Scalable Cloud Environment with Google Cloud (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

To simplify the development of data-intensive applications of all sizes for global enterprises, PingCAP deploys its database service on Google Cloud, creating a fully managed database-as-a-service TiDB Cloud with high automation, scalability, ease of use, and security compliance. [...]

Wednesday, 14. July 2021

MySQL to Amazon RDS Replication (And Vice Versa) Made Simple (from Continuent Blog)

pThis latest post on MySQL replication follows the ones we did on Amazon Redshift & Amazon Aurora; naturally, we had to cover Amazon RDS as well and so we look here at how to easily and securely replicate from MySQL to Amazon RDS (and vice versa)./p Tags: MySQL ReplicationMySQLreal-timetungsten replicatoramazon rds [...]

RECURSIVE CTE Fun with SUBSTRING() in MySQL (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pAlthough I primarily work with MySQL/MariaDB these days on back-end web development projects, I am studying Oracle SQL with the end goal to become certified. I recently watched a great YouTube video and decided to try my hand porting over the Oracle SQL queries to comparable MySQL for a learning exercise. This blog post details […]/p pThe post RECURSIVE CTE Fun with SUBSTRING() in MySQL appe [...]

10th Opensource Database Meetup – Speaker Announcement (from Mydbops Blog)

Mydbops propounds free webinars & meetups about MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, the major three opensource databases.  What greater thing can we give to our community than to diversify their skill sets and improve their craftsmanship by providing free Webinars with niche topics, illustrations, Q&A, and, most importantly, more fun as we work together to sharpen … Continue reading [...]

Tune your MariaDB IO workload using this simple step (from MySQL On ARM)

Tuning IO workloads is often challenging given it involves optimal usage of available IO bandwidth. MariaDB has multiple options to control this but often users tend to ignore the simpler options and tend to play around with complex or wrong options. In this article, we will take a step-by-step approach and see if we can tune an IO workload. [...]

Tuesday, 13. July 2021

Purge of End of Life versions from Mirrors (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pOSU Open Source Labs have supported MariaDB for many years in hosting the mirror from which we distribute our releases for which we are most grateful. … /p pContinue reading \"Purge of End of Life versions from Mirrors\"/p pThe post Purge of End of Life versions from Mirrors appeared first on [...]

MySQL: A job queue in Python (from Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp)

pSomebody needed a job queue in Python: Multiple writers insert into it in random order, and the jobs are written into the MySQL table codejobs/code. From the codejobs/code table, multiple consumers claim jobs in batches of coden/code or smaller (n=100), and process them. After processing, the consumers delete the jobs. We need concurrent job generation and consumption, with proper and efficient lo [...]

Do You Really Need to Upgrade from MySQL Native Password to Caching SHA256 Password Authentication? (from PHP With MySQL)

p    If you have not read MDS, PHP and authentication by my brilliant colleague LeFred please do so. The TL;DR is that most recent versions of the PHP support the MySQL 8.0 standard for authentication, Caching SHA 256, but with PHP 7.3 and earlier you will have to use the older MySQL Native Password authentication./pp    Someone reached out to me with a direct mes [...]

Running Vitess and MySQL with ClusterControl (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pFor all who are not familiar with Vitess, it is a MySQL-based database system that is intended to deliver an easy-to-scale, sharded, relational database management system. We will not get into details about the design but, in short, Vitess consists of proxy nodes that route the requests, gateways that are managing the database nodes and, finally, MySQL database nodes themselves, which are intended [...]

The Promises and Realities of the Relational Database Model (from PlanetScale Blog)

The relational model is one of the oldest surviving models in computer science but it has some drawbacks that need to be addressed.pRead the full story/p [...]

How to Efficiently Stress Test Pod Memory (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

Chaos Mesh provides StressChaos, a tool that allows you to inject CPU and memory stress into your Pod. Learn how to get the most of StressChaos. [...]

Monday, 12. July 2021

Mongo is Wrongo! — Seriously, Percona? (from Continuent Blog)

pInstead of contributing back to the original project, and in that way benefitting the project as a whole, Percona takes over smaller open-source projects (such as Galera) and larger open source projects (MySQL, MongoDB), then adds some small enhancements (especially when compared to the work done by the original developers), slaps its own name on it and proceeds to make some negative comments agai [...]

How To Recover Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Node Without SST (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦The Problem State Snapshot Transfer can be a very long and expensive process, depending on the size of your Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC)/Galera cluster, as well as network and disk bandwidth. There are situations where it is needed though, like after long enough node separation, where the gcache on other members was too small to […] [...]

Deploying MariaDB Sharding with Spider using ClusterControl (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pMariaDB offers built-in multi-host sharding capabilities with the Spider storage engine. Spider supports partitioning and XA transactions and allows remote tables of different MariaDB instances to be handled as if they were on the same instance. The remote table can be of any storage engine. The table linking is achieved by the establishment of the connection from a local MariaDB server to a remot [...]

MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: How to Delete Faster on MySQL (from Shattered Silicon Open Source Database Blog)

pDELETE statements can have a disproportionately high impact on performance of a database server. Here we explore techniques for optimizing them./p pThe post MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: How to Delete Faster on MySQL appeared first on Shattered Silicon./p [...]

Sunday, 11. July 2021

MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Data Types (from Shattered Silicon Open Source Database Blog)

pData types matching between the table columns and queries is important - mismatch usually prevents the use of indexes./p pThe post MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Data Types appeared first on Shattered Silicon./p [...]

Friday, 09. July 2021

Streaming MySQL Binlogs to S3 (or Any Object Storage) (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Problem Statement Having backups of binary logs is fairly normal these days. The more recent binary logs are copied offsite, the better RPO (Recovery Point Objective) can be achieved. I was asked multiple times recently if something could be done to “stream” the binary logs to S3 as close to real-time as possible. Unfortunately, there […] [...]

MySQL/ZFS Performance Update (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦As some of you likely know, I have a favorable view of ZFS and especially of MySQL on ZFS. As I published a few years ago, the argument for ZFS was less about performance than its useful features like data compression and snapshots. At the time, ZFS was significantly slower than xfs and ext4 except […] [...]

TiDB 5.1: Easily Build Your Mission-Critical Applications at Any Scale (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

TiDB 5.1 is released. It features more stable latency, optimized MPP performance and stability, and more convenient maintenance. Developers and DBAs can more easily build mission-critical applications at any scale. [...]

Thursday, 08. July 2021

Introducing JSON Tables (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

Starting with MariaDB Server 10.6, JSON_TABLE() enables transforming JSON data directly into relational format. [...]

Soar to the Heights in the MySQL Community (from Continuent Blog)

pThere are two key elements (which often separate us from many other open source operators, such as Percona) to our MySQL HA/DR and Continuous Operations solutions. Read this blog, adapted from the June “Word from the CEO” from the Continuent Newsletter to find out what distinguishes Continuent’s Tungsten Clustering solution in the open source MySQL database industry./p Tags: open sourceMySQLM [...]

Announcing ISO 27001 Certification for TiDB Cloud (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

PingCAP is proud to announce today that the company has achieved the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001:2013 certification for TiDB Cloud. [...]

Announcing Vitess Arewefastyet (from Vitess)

Benchmarking is a critical technique for delivering high performance software. The basic idea behind benchmarking is measuring and comparing the performance of one software version against another. Over the years, many benchmarking techniques have emerged, but we can broadly separate them into two categories: micro and macro benchmarks. Micro-benchmarks measure a small part of the codebase, usually [...]

Wednesday, 07. July 2021

MariaDB Connector C 3.2.3 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Connector/C 3.2.3. Download Now Release Notes and Changelog MariaDB Connector/C … Continued [...]

Migrating Ownership of Your Stored Routines, Views, and Triggers in MySQL (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦“It would be nice to have an option, that would allow to suppress the DEFINER statement in the CREATE VIEW statements generated by mysqldump. This would help when transferring data structures between databases with different security models.”  TLDR; Use mysqlpump with option[crayon-60fe28c09dfc7603842692-i/] instead of [crayon-60fe28c09dfe2424595695-i/]. The Story This was requested as MySQL Bug # [...]

Inspecting MySQL Servers Part 5: Percona Monitoring and Management (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦In the previous posts of this series, I presented how the Percona Support team approaches the analysis and troubleshooting of a MySQL server using a tried-and-tested method supported by specific tools found in the Percona Toolkit: Inspecting MySQL Servers Part 1: The Percona Support Way Inspecting MySQL Servers Part 2: Knowing the Server Inspecting MySQL […] [...]

A summary of MariaDB 10.6 (from Vettabase)

pMariaDB 10.6 is now Generally Available! Let's see what's new and if it's worth an upgrade. Continue reading A summary of MariaDB 10.6→/p pThe post A summary of MariaDB 10.6 appeared first on Vettabase./p [...]

Tuesday, 06. July 2021

MariaDB 10.6.3 GA now available (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.6.3, the first stable (GA) release in the MariaDB 10.6 See the release notes and changelogs for details. … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB 10.6.3 GA now available\"/p pThe post MariaDB 10.6.3 GA now available appeared first on [...]

MariaDB Community Server 10.6 GA Now Available For Download (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB Community Server 10.6 is available for download and includes new features like JSON_TABLE, Oracle compatibility and storage engine agnostic atomic DDL. [...]

MDS, PHP and authentication (from lefred's blog)

Recently I blogged about how to easily deploy a LAMP application to MDS. Using the Terraform module (OCI Resource Manager’s Stack) you also have the possibility to choose the PHP version to install: But as you should already know, not all versions support the latest default authentication method in MySQL 8.0: caching_sha2_password [1], [2], [3]. Most of the PHP applications are using mysqli and mys [...]

SERIAL Columns for Indexes (from PHP With MySQL)

p    SERIAL is a column definition attribute that I use frequently and it caught me by surprise when someone looking at a slide deck of a past presentation of mine asked about my use of it. This person is a long time user of MySQL but did not know this keyword. So I need to spread the word about SERIAL. This might save you some typing and some related fat fingering./pDefining Your In [...]

MyDumper 0.10.7 is Now Available (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦The new MyDumper 0.10.7 version, which includes many new features and bug fixes, is now available.  You can download the code from here. For this release, we have added several features like WHERE support that is required for partial backups. We also added CHECKSUM for tables which help to speed up the restore of large […] [...]

MySQL Cluster NDB API Hello World! (from MySQL Support Blogs)

In this post I will show how to program a C++ client for MySQL NDB Cluster. I have already presented MySQL Cluster, the distributed database using the in-memory storage engine, in several occasions. You may have learnt how to configure and start MySQL Cluster, so I will assume that a cluster is up and running. If you want to develop a simple C++ client, just run the cluster in a single host, which [...]

Monday, 05. July 2021

MySQL Shell 101 – System Log (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦One of the new features introduced in MySQL 8.0.24 was the ability to log all SQL statements that are issued in the MySQL Shell to the system log. This is a useful feature that can greatly assist in tracking who did what on the system. Usage The simplest way to utilize the new Shell logging […] [...]

Friday, 02. July 2021

MariaDB/MySQL Environment MyEnv 2.0.3 has been released (from Shinguz's Blog)

pFromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 2.0.3 of its popular MariaDB, Galera Cluster and MySQL multi-instance environment MyEnv./p pThe new MyEnv can be downloaded here. How to install MyEnv is described in the MyEnv Installation Guide./p pIn the inconceivable case that you find a bug in the MyEnv please report it to the FromDual bug tracker./p pAny feedback, statem [...]

Thursday, 01. July 2021

Using MySQL 8 Dual Passwords (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦MySQL 8 brought many highly anticipated features, with support for user roles, a new shell, a more robust data dictionary, and better SQL support, just to name a few. There are lesser-known new features, however, that aim to reduce overall DBA workload and streamline management processes – and one of these is support for dual […] [...]

Installing Percona Server for MySQL on Rocky Linux 8 (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦With the CentOS project switching its focus to CentOS Stream, one of the alternatives that aim to function as a downstream build (building and releasing packages after they’re released by Red Hat) is Rocky Linux. This how-to shows how to install Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 on the Rocky Linux distribution. You can get the […] [...]

Percona Monitoring and Management – MySQL Semi-Sync Summary Dashboard (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Some of you may use MySQL’s asynchronous replication feature called Semisynchronous Replication (aka semi-sync), and now with the MySQL Semi-Sync Summary Dashboard + Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), you can see the most important metrics! Refer to the Install & Usage steps for deployment details (note you need Replication Set defined!). What is Semisynchronous Replication [… [...]

Wednesday, 30. June 2021

Automating MySQL Shell util.dumpInstance and util.dumpShema backups With CRON (from PHP With MySQL)

p    The UNIX/Linux cron command is a popular way to schedule repetitive tasks.  There are many examples on the web on how to use cron with mysqldump to backup MySQL Instances.  I am sure many systems have something similar to the following:br/ppLocal Host mysql Backup:br 0 1 * * * /usr/bin/mysqldump -uroot -ppassword --opt myDatabase > /directory/MyDumpFilename.sql/p [...]

Title Case Anyone? (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

Sometimes life is too surreal. Like when somebody says, “How do you get title case in an Oracle database?” That’s when you know three things about the individual, while suppressing laughter. They’re not very experienced with SQL, likely lazy, and don’t read the documentation. I had a little fun with somebody today by taking them […] [...]

Complex Archival with Percona Toolkit’s pt-archiver (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦The Problem I recently worked on a customer engagement where the customer needed to archive a high amount of rows from different tables into another server (in this example for simplicity I am just archiving the results into a file).  As explained in this other blog post, “Want to archive tables? Use Percona Toolkit’s pt-archiver“, […] [...]

MariaDB Connector Node.js 3.0.0-beta now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.0.0 Beta. See the release notes and changelog for … Continued [...]

Percona Monthly Bug Report: June 2021 (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Here at Percona, we operate on the premise that full transparency makes a product better. We strive to build the best open-source database products, but also to help you manage any issues that arise in any of the databases that we support. And, in true open-source form, report back on any issues or bugs you […] [...]

How We Trace a KV Database with Less than 5% Performance Impact (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

As a key-value database, TiKV has much higher performance requirements than a regular application, so tracing tools must have minimal impact. Learn how we trace TiKV requests while impacting performance less than 5%. [...]

Tuesday, 29. June 2021

MySQL PHP Transaction (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

My students liked the MySQL Transaction post but wanted one that showed how an external web application would interact with MySQL in the scope of a transaction. So, I put a little PHP function together that write across two related tables in the context of a transaction. It uses mysqli (MySQL Improved Extension) to connect […] [...]

Test Drive the MySQL Data Service July 1st or July 8th (from PHP With MySQL)

 Hands-On-Lab SeriesMaximize MySQL Performance with HeatWave and Oracle CloudpSessions on July 1st and 8th/pp10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CEST/ppbr/ppMySQL is the most popular database among the tech community. However, not all the instances perform the same. As systems and applications scale, IT leaders need to constantly improve the performance of their solutions without compromising its securit [...]

MariaDB Connector C 3.2.2 RC now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Connector/C 3.2.2 RC. See the release notes and changelog for … Continued [...]

MySQL in a Docker Container cheat sheet (from MySQL Support Blogs)

Here’s a cheat sheet to run MySQL in a Docker container in your Windows or Mac laptop in a few minutes. In this brief how-to you will: Install Docker Desktop in your laptop Download official Oracle MySQL image or Docker Inc. imageStart the containerAdminister itStart a MySQL session and start a Linux sessionDownload and install Docker You can download Docker Desktop for Windows or Mac from do [...]

Using the audit log plugin within your Galera Cluster (from Galera Blog)

Codership first released a version of MySQL 5.7 with the audit log plugin back when Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.7.30 was released back in June 2020. More recently, we also added the audit log plugin to Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.6.51 in April 2021, but I guess the most important was that we also started […] [...]

Dive Deep into TiKV Transactions: The Life Story of a TiKV Prewrite Request (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

This post introduces the execution workflow of a TiKV request in the prewrite phase. It offers a top-down description of how the prewrite request of an optimistic transaction is executed within the multiple modules of the Region leader. [...]

Understanding NUMA scalability with MariaDB 10.6 (from MySQL On ARM)

Increasing cores means more compute power but it is quite likely that this power is distributed across more numa nodes. Also, traditional arrangement where-in 1 cpu socket = 1 numa node too is changing. Already we have arrangements where-in cores from a single cpu socket are organized to form 2 numa nodes. Next generation softwares (including DB) needs to adapt to these changing arrangements to sca [...]

Monday, 28. June 2021

Asynchronous Replication and Data Loss (from Continuent Blog)

pWe often hear that asynchronous replication creates a possible data loss window, thus it is not an acceptable solution for certain types of applications./p pYes, this is true. In theory, that is. /p pIn practice, we have developed the Tungsten Cluster solution to the point that it really does not happen in real life. Please read this blog to understand why not!/p Tags: MySQLMariaDBAsynchron [...]

Using Sysbench to Generate Test Data for Sharded Table in MySQL (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pSysbench is a great tool to generate test data and perform MySQL OLTP benchmarks. Commonly, one would do a prepare-run-cleanup cycle when performing benchmark using Sysbench. By default, the table generated by Sysbench is a standard non-partition base table. This behavior can be extended, of course, but you have to know how to write it in the LUA script./p pIn this blog post, we are going to show [...]

Saturday, 26. June 2021

OCI Services for MySQL Server (from MySQL Support Blogs)

MySQL Server can rely on OCI services to: Secure sensitive information in the OCI VaultStore backups safely and conveniently in OCI Object StorageMigrate data from OCI Object Storage to a MySQL Database Service DB SystemLet’s examine the options to administer MySQL the easy way using OCI services. Secure encryption keys in the OCI vault It is possible to encrypt virtually anything in MySQL [...]

Friday, 25. June 2021

Percona XtraBackup for Windows (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Don’t Try This at Home! Disclaimer: The procedure described in this blog post is not officially supported by Percona XtraBackup. Use it under your responsibility. I tested and used it successfully, but your mileage may vary. Note from the author: Wikipedia defines clickbait as text (or a link) that is designed to attract attention and […] [...]

Replicate from GTID disabled source to GTID enabled replica directly (from MySQL High Availability)

pMySQL 8.0.23 introduces a new feature that makes replication possible from a source server that has been configured without Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs) to a replica server configured with GTIDs. This can be achieved by configuring replication channels to use the parameter ASSIGN_GTIDS_TO_ANONYMOUS_TRANSACTIONS with the CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE command.…/p [...]

Thursday, 24. June 2021

MariaDB 10.5.11, 10.4.20, 10.3.30, and 10.2.39 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.5.11, 10.4.20, 10.3.30, and 10.2.39. See the release notes … Continued [...]

MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Sub-SELECTs are Evil (from Shattered Silicon Open Source Database Blog)

pMost DBAs know that sub-selects are typically bad for performance, but this example we encountered in the wild illustrates very well just how bad for performance sub-selects can be./p pThe post MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Sub-SELECTs are Evil appeared first on Shattered Silicon./p [...]

MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Best Practices for Writing High Performance SQL Queries (from Shattered Silicon Open Source Database Blog)

pIn this article we discuss a list of best practices to help you write queries that perform well and avoid writing queries that end up being unoptimizable./p pThe post MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Best Practices for Writing High Performance SQL Queries appeared first on Shattered Silicon./p [...]

How to Install and Use Sysbench (from MySQL Support Blogs)

Just a quick how-to, to download, compile and use Sysbench on your RHEL/OL Linux box to test MySQL Server (note: compiling and using Sysbench is no mistery, the README file has all the instructions clearly explained, but I write this little guide to setup and use this tool in minutes). Download and compile The repository is hosted at: You can choose to download t [...]

Deploy a Dedicated Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 in Azure (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦This quickstart shows you how to use the Azure portal to deploy a dedicated Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 drop-in replacement for MySQL that provides superior performance, scalability, and instrumentation. It also shows you how to connect to the server. Prerequisites Existing Azure subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, create a free Azure account […] [...]

How to configure SELinux for MySQL-based systems (MySQL/MariaDB Replication + Galera) (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pIn the era that we are living in now, anything with a less secure environment is easily a target for an attack and becomes a bounty for the attackers. Compared to the past 20 years, hackers nowadays are more advanced not only with the skills but also with the tools that they are using. It’s no surprise why some giant companies are being hacked and their valuable data is leaked./p pIn the year 202 [...]

Boosting Percona MySQL Operator efficiency (from TusaCentral - MySQL Blogs)

Preface pPercona is well known for its offer of several outstanding fully open source, free to download software packages. And while Percona started as a MySQL focus company, nowadays it covers different technologies such as MySQL, Postgres and Mongodb. ♦/p pIn its constant effort to make life easier for our utilizer Percona had moved from providing single software packages, to Percona Distribution [...]

Chaos Mesh Remake: One Step Closer toward Chaos as a Service (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

A TiDB Hackathon team describes Chaos Engineering as a Service and how they're bringing Chaos Mesh one step closer to being a service. [...]

Wednesday, 23. June 2021

MariaDB 10.5.11, 10.4.20, 10.3.30 and 10.2.39 now available (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.5.11, MariaDB 10.4.20, MariaDB 10.3.30 and MariaDB 10.2.39, the latest stable releases in their respective series. … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB 10.5.11, 10.4.20, 10.3.30 and 10.2.39 now available\"/p pThe post MariaDB 10.5.11, 10.4.20, 10.3.30 and 10.2.39 now available appeared first on [...]

SQL Handling Nulls (from MacLochlainns Weblog)

Interesting questions always come via my students. For example, “Why does the selective aggregation sample return null values as totals from the SUM() function in MySQL?” First, here’s the code to build the sample table for the problem: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS transaction; CREATE TABLE transaction ( transaction_id int unsigned primary key auto_increment , transaction_date […] [...]

MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Avoiding ORs in Queries (from Shattered Silicon Open Source Database Blog)

pORs in SQL queries are bad for performance. Here we describe a technique for doing away with the ORs to improve performance while still retaining functional equivalence of the query./p pThe post MariaDB / MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Avoiding ORs in Queries appeared first on Shattered Silicon./p [...]

Boosting Percona Distribution for MySQL Operator Efficiency (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Percona is well known for its offer of several outstanding fully open source, free-to-download software packages. And while Percona started as a MySQL-focused company, nowadays it covers different technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. In its constant effort to make life easier for our users, Percona had moved from providing single software packages to […] [...]

MySQL on Kubernetes with GitOps (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦GitOps workflow was introduced by WeaveWorks as a way to implement Continuous Deployment for cloud-native applications. This technique quickly found its way into devops and developer’s hearts as it greatly simplifies the application delivery pipeline: the change in the manifests in the git repository is reflected in Kubernetes right away. With GitOps there is no […] [...]

How to configure AppArmor for MySQL-based systems (MySQL/MariaDB Replication + Galera) (from SeveralNines Open Source Database Blog)

pLast week, we discussed how to configure AppArmor for MongoDB Replica Sets which basically has the same concepts applicable when configuring this for your MySQL-based systems. Indeed, security is very important because you have to make sure that your data is very well protected and encapsulated against unwanted data gathering of information from your business domain./p A little bit of history abo [...]

Monday, 21. June 2021

Announcing MariaDB Server 10.6.2 RC (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

We are pleased to announce MariaDB Server 10.6 Release Candidate (RC). MariaDB Server 10.6 is the next major version of … Continued [...]

MariaDB Connector C++ 1.0.1 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Connector/C++ 1.0.1. See the release notes for details and visit … Continued [...]

MySQL dump & load InnoDB Buffer Pool (from lefred's blog)

For performance, having a warm InnoDB Buffer Pool is very important. What does that mean ? A warm buffer pool means that the most used pages (working set) required by the production workload are already loaded in memory (in the buffer pool). If so, MySQL doesn’t need to read the pages from disk every time it requires the most used page and speeds up the process when the needed data is already in me [...]

Thank you for attending the 6th edition of Mydbops MyWebinar (from Mydbops Blog)

We are merry & galvanized for bestowing seeds of cognizance to our opensource database community. Thank you to all those who attended in our 6th edition of MyWebinar.  We hope our session was able to elevate & seam your workmanship to perfection. We are committed in giving back to our opensource database community by hosting … Continue reading Thank you for attending the 6th edit [...]

Using RDS for MySQL? Have you upgraded it, yet? (from Mydbops Blog)

If you haven’t already upgraded to MySQL 5.6, NOW IS THE TIME!! Starting, August 3rd 2021, RDS will automatically upgrade MySQL 5.6 instances to version 5.7 within the earliest scheduled maintenance window that follows.Starting, September 1st 2021, RDS will any remaining MySQL 5.6 instances to version 5.7 whether or not they are in a maintenance … Continue reading Using RDS for MySQL? H [...]

Friday, 18. June 2021

MariaDB 10.6.2 now available (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.6.2, the first release candidate in the new MariaDB 10.6 development series. … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB 10.6.2 now available\"/p pThe post MariaDB 10.6.2 now available appeared first on [...]

ProxySQL-Admin 2.x: Encryption of Credential Information (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦Starting with the release of proxysql-admin 2.0.15,  the proxysql-admin 2.x series can now encrypt the credentials needed to access proxysql and cluster nodes. This only applies to the proxysql-admin configuration, this does not change the ProxySQL config, so those credentials are still unencrypted. The credentials file is the unencrypted file containing the usernames, passwords, hostnames, [̷ [...]

Thursday, 17. June 2021

Chaos Testing Leads to More Stable Percona XtraDB Cluster (from Percona Database Performance Blog)

♦In my talk at Percona Live 2021, “Creating Chaos in Databases”, I discussed how creating a controlled interruption in available resources (I used primary pod and network interruptions) allows us to test the stability of a database, and in our case, Percona XtraDB Cluster. I also mentioned in the talk that my testing led to diagnosing […] [...]

Disaster Recovery with Galera Cluster 2021 Edition Webinar (from Galera Blog)

We talk a lot about Galera Cluster for MySQL being great for High Availability, but what about Disaster Recovery (DR)? Database outages may occur when you lose a data centre due to power outages or natural disaster, so why not plan appropriately in advance? In this webinar, we will discuss the business considerations including achieving […] [...]

Debian/Ubuntu packaging expert wanted (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pMariaDB Foundation needs help from a Debian/Ubuntu packaging expert to continue to provide high value MariaDB Server MariaDB Server is packaged in Debian and Ubuntu distributions, and by MariaDB Foundation as a upstream repository. … /p pContinue reading \"Debian/Ubuntu packaging expert wanted\"/p pThe post Debian/Ubuntu packaging expert wanted appeared first on [...]

Wednesday, 16. June 2021

How To Convert from AWS Instance Family t2 to t3 with Enhanced Networking on Amazon Linux 1 (from Continuent Blog)

pCustomers often use AWS to deploy MySQL or MariaDB Tungsten Clusters. This blog is about changing an AWS instance type from t2.large to t3.large specifically on Amazon Linux 1. It contains the steps to follow when changing AWS instance families to use enhanced networking./p Tags: AWSnetworkingMySQLMariaDBDeployment [...]